I Dare You

Have you ever felt so dead inside? Bored and silent, yet anxious and yearning for the next big thing? Something that will change your world and give you hope?

Well that’s where I am. I’m waiting…and it sucks…balls.

You know in West Side Story, how Tony knows there’s something around the corner, and it’s huge and great and wonderful? That’s what’s happening to me…I’m just worried that my big something will turn out to screw me over…like Tony (he gets killed at the end…it’s a Romeo & Juliet story).

Then I think, maybe this huge thing could have happened earlier. I don’t believe that happiness comes once in a lifetime and you have to take advantage of it right then and there. I believe it’s always there, just out of reach…only when you’re most desperate for it do you attain it.

Maybe if I had been more bold, more desperate for a change, I would have taken more chances and risks in the past. Maybe I’d be a stronger person. Maybe my life would be completely different and so much better.

So I’ve made a decision, and you should join with me. I’m determined to do whatever it takes. I don’t know what it is, or where I’m going, all I know is that I’m making a promise to myself to leap after every chance. To risk. To live.

I’m not going to pass anything up. This year, I’ll be the positive one. The one that’s always there. The one who’s the life of the party, but still is the friend you can count on. I want to do crazy things this year. Now, I’m not talking about super craziness, I mean I want to do things I’ve never done before.

Learn to ride a bike (I know, I’m pathetic), go skiing, paintballing, elephant-riding, surfboarding, and more crazy things I won’t mention(:

Who knows, maybe one experience will change my life for good and help me fulfill my dreams.

And that’s what I encourage you to do(:

~Absolutely Unordinary



Thank you Haters of 2010, 2011 will be awesome because of YOU(:

Once again, it’s New Year’s Eve, and I’m home.

I’m always never doing anything on December 31st, and feel free to assume I live a boring life, but then i realize…

Tomorrow’s the start of everything. 2011 is the year I’ll have freedom, driving, craziness, and whatnot. 2011 is my dream year, everything I’ve ever wanted has climaxed into next year…and I’m so fucking excited.

Although 2010 kinda sucked for me, I also have to realize it made me who I am today. I’ve grown up. All the crap I had to deal with regarding people and drama changed me completely. I’m older, wiser, calmer, stronger, and more confident than I was January 1, 2010.

I also have everything I’ve ever wanted. I have a guy who’s utterly amazing(: I have friends that will stand by me no matter what. I have freedom from the chaos of my homelife and I know that nothing can get worse than the stuff I’ve already been through.

So I have to give a shout out to the people of 2010 who made my life hell, because without you, I’d still be the loud, obnoxious, know-it-all, desperate for love, misfit, who only wanted to fit in and find her place in the world.

But now, I’m upgraded(: So HAPPY NEW YEARRRR!!!! 😀

And stay positive(:

~Absolutely Unordinary

Go with the Flow

So yesterday, I performed in a Christmas choral show and realized I was parched. In a stupid act of desperation, I ran outside, in the rain, in heels, to the vending machine to buy a soda. As I ran back inside, I slipped on the tile and my feet flew out beneath me. Trying to save myself, I flung my right arm down in order to stop my fall…

Well, it didn’t work.

I ended up being laughed at by the Tech crew because, I admit, it was a funny fall…and then I ran inside the bathroom so I could jump up and down and scream curse words to the heavens.

Anyways, it ended up being a little sprain, no biggie…but there is a point to this!

People always try to defend themselves in some way. It’s a natural instinct of survival…We try to control things and make things work out so that we won’t get hurt.

Most of the time, it ends up that we either hurt ourselves more trying to prevent something or we miss out on a great opportunity.

In my case, if I had just relaxed, landed on my butt, and not tried to save myself, I wouldn’t have a splint on my wrist right now.

So followers and facebook friends, try to go with the flow. I’ve learned when I try to constrict the flow, I tend to screw things up. No one likes an anal, know-it-all who’s a control freak…

So take a chill pill and chillax(: OH! and Happy Christmas!

~Absolutely Unordinary

Y’all need to Relax

Today I took a bath for the first time in 2 years (Now don’t worry, I take showers on a regular basis…I’m a germophobe) and it was amazing! All the knots in my back are gone and I’m completely relaxed! I feel all cozy and warm inside, it’s awesome(:

Now you might be wondering, why hadn’t this girl taken more baths since they’re so wonderful? It’s because I’m constantly going, going, going. Showers are quicker and get you squeaky clean oober fast. Plus, who has time to run the hot water, add the bubbles, and take 30 minutes just chillaxing in the morning? Well…I don’t.

I loved my marvelous bubble bath so much that I never want to take a shower again. Only baths. For the rest of my life. But I don’t have the time…

And then I thought, I need to take more “Me” time.


Sometimes people need to just slow down, and take some “Me” time. Just sit in a bath, eat, watch some TV, or just lie on your bed and daydream (it’s one of my favorite activities). We’re all so focused on the next thing. Whether it’s that test, graduating high school, college, or focusing on your career, you never really have time to take a deep breath and think about chillaxing.

So my followers (and facebook friends), I challenge you to take more “Me” time. Schedule it in your weekend, between the partying, and the sleeping…and the partying. Just take time to re-evaluate yourself and re-live the fun and sweet moments that you experienced recently(:

~Absolutely Unordinary

Just Keep Smiling(:

Don’t you hate it when you get caught in the act of something? That rush of adrenaline and that sinking feeling? It makes you feel like you’re 5 again, and you’re helpless. I mean, yeah technically it wasn’t a good thing to do, but it must have been worth it to do it.

And then there’s the embarassing moments where you’re caught. Like you’re in the bathroom alone, and you’re singing and twirling around right when another person walks in (or is that just me?) or maybe someone walks in when you’re having an intimate moment (thank god that’s never happened to me, that’d be horribly awkward).

Either way, you wish you could get out of it and that it had never happened.

I’ve learned that in those times, just laugh it off. None of us are perfect and we all do stupid stuff once in a while. Every human has an average of 75-80 years of life on this planet, we might as well take a risk and have some fun, and hopefully don’t get caught. Embarassing moments give us something to laugh about and usually become good memories once enough time has passed…sometimes longer than others.

So rememeber, if you get caught for stealing a pen at Target, or making out with your boss, know that one day it’ll be a funny memory.

You can tell your kids, yeah, I was bada$$ and stole a pen…or you and your co-workers can laugh about you making out with your boss once you find out he’s being fired…well, something like that.

Just know that the embarrassment and awkwardness will eventually fade and that it isn’t the end of the world. Just keep smiling, and you’ll get through it, promise 😀

~Absolutely Unordinary

Keep Faith

When the world seems to dampen around you

And the air seems out of oxygen

And all those possibilities aren’t really as they seem,

Remember there’s always an end to the suffering and the pain.

When your heart seems torn from your chest

And he never loves you the way you love him,

There’s always a silver lining on every storm cloud

And an ocean coast to end the desert.

Love will prevail and meet you up at the end

No matter what the cost or heartbreak you endure on the way.

The funny thing about life is that things never remain as they seem

And people always are changed by the roughness of life.

But in the end, the hurt will be worth it,

And the one whose worth it will be yours forever.

Just keep faith in love,

Because eventually everyone can win the game,

But only the strong of heart persevere.

~Absolutely Unordinary


Scared Stiff

So today, after buying wonderful redbrick pizza and driving home, my mom and I see this stray puppy run across the street. We’re both animal lovers, so we made a U-turn and parked so we could save him. My mom took forever getting a blanket for the dog, so I went ahead, into the freezing cold, to find the puppy lying down on the grass. Soon as he saw me, he ran like hell. I thought, oh well we tried, let’s go eat.

But no.

My mom still kind of wanted to try to get him and I said okay why not?

The result: 20 minutes of driving around, looking in the dark to try to see a black, tiny puppy.

Why am I writing about this? Because I realized that dog was in complete distress. He had no idea where home was or what to do and he was freezing outside. Yet, the moment he saw a nice, welcoming human, he ran, refusing any chance that I could give him.

Sure I’m a stranger, but it wouldn’t have hurt to stick around and learn if I’m a threat or not.

And then I realized, I do that all the time. I’m nice and adorable on the outside, but I’m not an easily trusting person. I try to show no weakness and I never let anyone help me, whether it’s carrying my crap to even sharing crap I’m dealing with. I run before letting someone in.

So my viewers (and those who are reading this from my facebook) don’t be me. Let people help you. When you’re about to hit bottom, let someone else pick you up and brighten your day. You don’t always have to be the one who’s the “rock,” the one who can get through anything, the one who always looks out for their friends, but never let’s themselves be looked after.

That’s what friends are for, to help you through life’s crap and help you when you’ve lost your way. (: «<They really need to put emoticons on here…

~Absolutely Unordinary

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